A Theory of Now is a local band formed in 2015 as a way of bringing to life the music written by Heather Wilson and her friends and family, many of whom helped to create A Theory of Now's first album, Peace in Time. While most-closely resembling a rock band, many of the songs created by the band contain elements of other genres including rap, raggae, and pop.

  Peace in Time is comprised of spiritual pieces as it was composed as a fundraising CD for Inner Quest Church. As such, there are special guests from Inner Quest Church's choir featured throughout the album. Along side these appearances, professional performers were recruited for the creation of unique instrumentation in the first album.

  A Theory of Now has participated in a number of charity events including Holiday Lights of Hope and in Inner Quest Church's fundraisers and events. More recently, band members Heather Wilson, Mike Wilson, and Steve Morrison have started performing intimate acoustic shows featuring both original pieces and cover songs by various artists from Led Zeppelin to Megan Trainor.